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Do you need sheet piling for your project? At Meever & Meever, we always offer a suitable solution. With our 50 years of experience and passion for the trade, we have specialised in cold-rolled steel sheet piling profiles, including the Z profile, Omega profile and profile for excavations. We can even design a specially tailored sheet pile profile for you. Read on to find out how we can help you.

Innovative steel solutions

Our cold-rolled steel profiles are perfect for use as sheet piling. Besides our standard product range, we are passionate about designing innovative steel solutions. Both the design and production of our steel profiles are under our own control. This ensures that there are many possibilities.

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Sheet piling in all shapes and sizes
Not only do we offer custom-made sheet piling profiles, but we also have a number of standard products in our range, such as the Omega profile, suitable for canals, construction pits, retaining walls and embankment rehabilitation. The Z profile, particularly suitable for cofferdams, bulkheads, retaining walls and other applications. And the Sheet piling for excavations, ideal for trenches, shafts and construction pits.

Application of our sheet piling profiles

Steel sheet piling is widely used in the construction industry for various purposes, such as building construction pits, tunnels, bridges, quays and flood defences. It is a durable solution that provides a sturdy and stable construction. In addition, steel sheet pile sections are also suitable for preventing soil erosion and stabilising soil when building houses on hilly terrain, for example. The many advantages of steel sheet piling make it a popular choice for many contractors, construction companies and governments worldwide.

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Go for the highest quality
With our knowledge and experience, we can always come up with a suitable solution for your sheet piling. Steel sheet piling is efficient and cost-effective. Moreover, we work with the very best quality steel to guarantee a high-quality end result. Sustainability and recycling are taken into account during the production process.


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