Do you need reliable sheet piling? Use our cold-rolled steel sections

Are you working on a large (construction) project? Then our cold-rolled steel profiles can be very useful. Make a very strong sheet pile wall of high quality with our steel profiles. For example, choose the Omega profile, the Z profile or the profile for excavations. Do you need sheet piling for a unique project? Customisation is no problem for us. We design and produce your steel profiles completely to measure. Find out how we can help you with your project.

A reliable sheet piling wall

Do you need reliable sheet piling? Then our cold-rolled steel profiles are the solution. Thanks to our many years of experience, we specialise in the development and manufacture of cold-rolled steel sections for sheet piling. We supply cold rolled sections to construction companies, governments and contractors all over the world. Our knowledge and experience makes us a leader in this field. We supply standard types of cold rolled profiles as well as customised profiles. If you want customised profiles, we will work out a detailed design. When you are satisfied, we produce the cold-rolled steel profiles. You can then use them to make stable sheet piles that are perfect for your unique project.

Our cold rolled steel profiles

In addition to customised cold-rolled steel profiles, we can also supply standard profiles. Our range includes the following profiles for sheet piling:

  • Omega profile: These cold-rolled steel profiles form a strong connection with each other. The Omega profile is suitable for channels, excavation pits, retaining walls and slope rehabilitation.
  • Z-profile: This cold-rolled steel profile is particularly suitable for cofferdams, bulkheads, retaining walls or other applications. The cold-rolled profiles are available in single, double or quadruple versions.
  • Sheet piling for excavations: These cold-rolled steel profiles are ideal for trenches, shafts and excavations. The profiles are available in very large formats to suit your project.


Maxx Shoring helps you

Maxx Shoring is an international company with great expertise in cold-rolled steel profiles. Our dedicated employees work hard every day to design and manufacture customised sheet piling profiles of the highest quality. We use recycling as much as possible in production and pay attention to sustainability. Because we deliver customised solutions, you can be assured of the most beneficial solution. Once your cold-rolled sheet piling is in place, you can move on to the next steps of your project.

Are you interested in our cold-rolled steel profiles? Do you still have some questions? You are welcome to contact us. Use the contact form, call us or send us an e-mail. Our employees are ready to help you.

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