Cold Formed and Cold rolled profiles
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Manufacturer and a global distributor of steel piling products

Meever & Meever specialise in supplying steel sheet piling, welded & seamless steel tubes and anchoring systems. Our production facility focusses on cold rolled and cold formed product lines. As manufacturer, we provide various sheet pile options and due to our in-house manufacturing and fabrication capabilities, we produce and supply in accordance with your specific requirements. We consider teamwork with its customers as a key element of its success.

Meever & Meever is a large international company that supplies high-quality steel products to construction companies, governments, and contractors worldwide and provides them with the most modern (innovative) construction machinery and construction concepts for steel foundation methods and state-of-the-art engineering and product advice.

We are internationally recognized by our clients as a top player in this specialized market segment.

The integration of sustainable developments, smart steel solutions and construction concepts is essential to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients and to improve the quality of our living environment.

We see sustainability and recycling of steel products and the reduction of CO2 emissions as one of our biggest challenges to which we want to commit ourselves.

We are passionate about our work and steel products, rentals of construction machinery and foundations concepts. We enjoy working with our colleagues and partners across the world in finding the most cost-efficient and added value to our clients.

Cold Formed and Cold rolled profiles

Our Core Values and Business Integrity Principles 

We focus on creating long-term value and lasting relationships with our clients, employees, and partners. 

We act in accordance with our Four core values, which underpin the way we do business and aim to be: 

1. Trust

We act with integrity in all of our actions and in a manner consistent with all applicable professional and legal standards laws and honesty and fairness in all activities and strive for excellence in all matters of ethical conduct. Trust is the foundation of all good relationships. Integrity is our basis for trust. 

2. Accountability for results

We are accountable for our own results. Accountability means more than just doing our job. It includes an obligation to make things better, to pursue excellence, and to do things in ways that further the goals of our organization. Being accountable means that we are answerable for our actions and the actions of our teams.

3. Excellence

We are passionate to achieve the highest quality standards and always promote meritocracy. We are aware of our future challenges in our industrial sector, and we are committed to improve sustainability and reduce Co2 and to improve the quality of our living environment.

4. Pioneering

We are bold and agile, courageously up to challenges and use deep customer insight to grow existing and new (international) markets and to develop innovative steel and construction products and solutions, rental products. All our initiatives contribute over time to the future profitability of the Group and our shareholders.

Our product range

Our engineering services and Tailor made products

Providing tailor-made infrastructure products and services to our customers requires a good team of civil engineers who are part of the project team. Our civil engineers understand the design and functionality, troubleshoot problems, and ensure that ongoing safety in our products is a priority. 

That means the many intricacies of implementing design, adhering to safety protocols, and understanding surveys, permits, budgeting and scheduling constraints and risk management - among many other things - are part of our day-to-day discussions with our divisions and customers. By using our practical knowledge and engineering skills we are able to offer tailor made sheet piles for each project. 

Cold Formed and Cold rolled profiles

The website is a website purely based on the production of our Cold Formed and Cold rolled profiles. Our production facility is based in Lanaken ( Belgium) were we produce a large variety of profiles. Except the standardized profiles we can produce Tailor made profiles as well which gives a price reduction to our clients based on a lower weight per /m2. Our engineering department is ready to help creating value for your project.

Omega Profile

Omega profiles are mainly used for inner-city canal shoring, excavation pits, retaining walls and dyke rehabilitation. The unique interlock connection of this profile proves to be reliable for installation methods like vibrating or a pressing method. It gives the wall a high level of stability. The profiles are manufactured in lengths up to 24.0 m.

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Z-shaped profiles

These profiles are particularly suitable for cofferdams, bulkheads and retaining walls and other applications. As single, double or quadruple piles, they are available in large widths which allows ensure rapid construction progress when installed by vibration or when pressed into place.

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Trench Sheeting

Trench sheeting is primarily used in trench shoring as a reliable means of securing trenches, shafts and construction pits. In our cold-rolling mill we ensure the flawless production of the profiles, which we stock in lengths up to 12 m. The rolling of longer lengths is possible if required.

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Cold Formed and Cold rolled profiles by Meever & Meever
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