If you need the best steel sheet piles, Maxx Shoring is the place to go. We are at the top in this sector. We supply our sheet piles to satisfied customers worldwide. Our family business has extensive expertise and experience. Therefore, you can rely on a reliable result. We supply different types of sheet piles. Do you prefer a custom-made profile, the Omega profile, our sheet piles for excavations or the Z-profile? We find the right solution for every project. Read on to find out more about Z-profile sheet piling.


Our Z-section sheet piles are widely used for cofferdams, bulkheads, retaining walls and for many other purposes. The steel plates are available in single, double and quadruple versions. Moreover, they are available in large widths. We have 2 types in our range, the MKZ 785 and the MKZ 675, which differ slightly in shape. They have a practical system in which the sheet piles with Z-profile are connected to each other by hooking. The result is an extremely strong wall. Sheet piles with a Z-profile can be pressed on quickly by vibrating or pressing.


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Would you like to buy sheet piles with a Z-profile? Then we will be happy to help you. We develop the right solution for every project. All our employees are true professionals, with a passion for their work. They think along with you to achieve a top result. Customised sheet piles are therefore no problem at all. This ensures a competitive price. Together we create added value for your project.

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