Omega profile

Do you need steel sheet piling? We specialize in steel profiles and supply them worldwide in various types and sizes. Because of our knowledge and experience as a family business, you can always count on the very best results. We can also customize the steel profiles for you if required. Besides our Z profiles and sheet piling for excavations, we are enthusiastic about our omega profile sheet piles. Discover all the advantages of the omega profile and how we can help you. 

Omega profile

The omega profile is made of high quality steel. During production we consider sustainability and recycling. The innovative shape of the omega profiles ensures that the various steel parts hook into each other effortlessly. The whole then forms a rock-solid wall. We produce two types of omega profiles, namely the MKL 3 and MKL 4. Despite the difference in shape, both types have the same convenient connection system. Due to the strong wall created by the omega profile, the sheet pile is reliable when used with installation methods such as vibration or the press method. The omega profile sheets are available up to a length of 24 meters. In practice, omega profiles are often used for canals, construction pits, retaining walls and dike rehabilitation. 


We think along with you

Is an omega profile sheet pile wall exactly what you need? We would be happy to help you further. If you are looking for another solution, you have also come to the right place. Because of our experience and craftsmanship we can always produce a suitable solution for you. Besides our Z profiles and sheet pile sections for excavations, we can also produce custom-made sheet pile sections for your project. 

Do you have some questions about our products? Would you like to order an omega profile or other sheet pile profile? Feel free to contact us via the contact form below, email or phone. We will think along with you and help you quickly.

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